Why the Exchange?

Transform the way your organization engages and supports their contractor community.

The Exchange is a data research and business collaboration platform used to connect, support, and grow the contractor community for Economic Development, ultimately diversifying the contracting community, creating more jobs, and increasing tax revenue

Find and understand contractors, simply

Quickly access and visualize your community of contractors, understand what products and services that they produce, and offer a platform that allows them to connect, collaborate, and grow.

Support the community, effectively

Supply your contracting community with the tools to strategize, collaborate, and win more government contracts, as well as, grow business between contractors within your state.

Disseminate information and news, quickly

Share news that matters to your organization and feel the pulse of your community reaction. Interact with the community in an easy and natural way by posting content and immediately see who’s engaged in your conversation

The Exchange has transformed how the State of Georgia executes Economic Development

The Center of Innovation for Aerospace and Defense uses the Exchange to engage all levels of the Defense Supply Chain